The reason why I could establish myself as a heart surgeon
who performs the greatest number of cases in Japan.
I’d like to deliver the knowledge and thoughts obtained
from my own experiences as a heart surgeon.
Shuichiro Takanashi Web
Photo by Junya Inagaki
What motivated me to aim to be a heart
surgeon was a word of a surgeon.
"Cardiac surgery offers no money, no free time,
no status, full of unavailability.
You cannot expect something good to happen
if you become a heart surgeon."
What’s New
5th meeting of The Society for Stentless Mitral Valves 2016
Date:September 11 (Sun), 2016
Venue:Osaka University, Tokyo branch of the Graduate School of Medical and Engineering
President:Shuichiro Takanashi (Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Sakakibara Heart Institute)
Tokyo HOCM Forum 2016
Date:October 29 (Sat), 2016
Venue:Shinjuku NS Building, Sky Conference
Organizer:Morimasa Takayama (Department of Cardiology, Sakakibara Heart Institute)
Line-ups of Doctors
Vol.4 of the series of interviews by Dr. Hiroyuki Watanabe (Tokyo Bay Urayasu/Ichikawa Medical Center) featuring Dr. Shuichiro Takanashi (Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Sakakibara Heart Institute) who performs surgery at Live Surgery session of Tokyo Echo Labo meeting.
Hospital Affiliations
Sakakibara Heart Institute
Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
Japan Research Promotion Society for Cardiovascular Diseases
3-16-1 Asahi-cho Fuchu City, Tokyo, 183-0003 JAPAN
Main Phone Number:+81-42-314-3111
Outpatient Consultation: 10:00-11:00 Every Thursday at Sakakibara Heart Clinic (Shinjuku)

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Sakakibara Heart Clinic
2-4-1 Nishi-shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-0804 JAPAN
Main Phone Number:+81-3-3344-3313

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Teikyo University Hospital
2-11-1 Kaga Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-8606 JAPAN
Main Phone Number:+81-03-3964-1211
Outpatient Consultation: 16:00-17:00
Every Thursday

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Doctor’s Magazine
April issue, 2014
Portrait of a doctor
Shuichiro Takanashi (Assistant Director/Chief of Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery of Sakakibara Heart Institute, Japan Research Promotion Society for Cardiovascular Diseases and Specially Appointed Professor of Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Teikyo University Faculty of Medicine), An Expert in Cardiac Surgery backed by record number of surgeries exceeding five thousand + several hundreds, now reaching “the state of no-scalpel”…

九州大学の有田先生にお招きいただき、福岡弁膜症カンファレンスで「三尖弁形成術を考える」という演題で講演しました。 三尖弁のは最近何かと話題になることが多く、考えさせられます。 写真は、九州大学有田先生、塩瀬先生、小倉記念病院坂口先生と。
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Heart Valve Conference2017に参加しました。 この会は、毎回プログラムの構成も面白く、内容も豊かで見ごたえがあります。 ホテルエルセラーン大阪のホールは、今年も外科医、内科医、コメディカル400名を超える参加者で白熱した議論が尽きることはありませんでした。
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The Heart Valve SocietyがMonacoで開催されました。 榊原記念病院からは内藤が"Comparison Of Hemodynamics And Left Ventricular Mass Regression Between TAVI And SAVR With Simple Interrupted Suturing Technique"を発表しました。 自分の発表はなかったので受付の方との写真を。 滞在中に夜嵐が来ましたが、翌朝にはまるで前夜の嵐が嘘のように美しい海と空が広がっていました。
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